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Systems to minimize discomfort from odors in these areas should:

- be effective

- require minimum maintenance

- work perfectly even with negative temperatures

- easy to install and relocate

- low product consumption

- not hinder the normal operation of the area

The Neusol DV System is the ideal equipment for these areas.

Neusol DV 0.8-2kW Dry steam equipment for small or medium surfaces. Barriers to truck entrance / exit doors, etc. Indoors it can be installed without a protective cabinet. To form perimeter barriers of up to 200-250m. Neusol Dry H or Neusol Dry LS products are applied depending on the application.
Dry Vapor

Neusol DV 2 - 3kW

Neusol DV 2-3kw. Dry steam equipment to neutralize odors in large areas: Landfills, composting, WWTPs, industries, ... It allows to form perimeter barriers of up to 400 m. With Neusol Dry H product we minimize inconvenience to neighbors.
Neusol MF 30lts
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Neusol MF 30lts

Neusol MF és un producte molt concentrat i versàtil. S'aplica en abocadors, compostatge, contenidors, .. Pot aplicar per nebulització o polvorització / reg.
Neusol Dry H 4lts
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Dry Vapor

Neusol Dry H 4lts

DH 4
For Dry Vapor equipment Neusol DV. Highly effective. Low evaporation rate (minimum consumption). Wide spectrum of action. It is applied in landfills, composting, waste management, chemicals, petrochemicals, protein meal plants, municipal - industrial treatment plants, etc ...
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