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Neusol OIL 20lts

Neusol OIL 20lts

OIL 20
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Neusol Oil product designed to neutralize odors of hydrocarbons in liquids or solids.

It is applied in water / sludge contaminated with oils e hydrocarbons in refineries, wells, lands, ships, ...


Concentrated product that is used to neutralize odors that emanate from water and / or sludge contaminated with oils, gasoline, diesel, oils, etc. in: Lakes, Rivers, Ports, petrochemical wastewater, refineries, etc.


-It neutralizes bad odors immediately

-Low working dose

-It can be applied in different ways: by injection, by spraying and / or by fogging into the environment


Instructions for use:

NEUSOL OIL is a highly concentrated product and must be diluted in water of the order of 1: 500-1000

-Injection: if 100% of the water is treated, the dose can be of the order of 1 lt of - concentrated per 100,000 - 300,000 lts of water.

-Spray: spray the product already diluted on the water flow.

-Can be applied by fogging in both high pressure systems and Atomiser.

The indicated doses are approximate and should always be adapted to the specific application.

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