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Neusol GW 5lts

Neusol GW 5lts

GW 5
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Neusol GW, Odor Neutralizer for sewage / gray water.

It is diluted in water and sprayed or injected into the waters


VERY concentrated product to neutralize odors in wastewater / gray / process.

It is diluted in water and sprayed on the surface or injected into the raft inlet pipe

The better the contact between the neutralizing solution (NEUSOL GW + water) with the water, the better the result

With 1 liter of NEUSOL GW we can treat 500,000 to 2,500,000 liters of water


- Dilute 0.1 liter of NEUSOL GW in 100/200 liters of clean water.

- Apply, manually or with a small dosing pump, the mixture in the gray water until neutralizing odors.

WASTEWATER (Pit - Treatment plants)

- Dilute 0.05 liter of NEUSOL GW in about 15-25 liters of clean water.

- Dose a small amount (0.1 - 0.2 liters) of the mixture in sinks, sinks or directly in the pit / purifier.

The indicated doses are approximate and should always be adapted to the specific application.

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