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Neusol OT
Neusol OT
Neusol OT
Neusol OT
Neusol OT

Neusol OT

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For compact Total Oxidation treatment plants.

Mixture of bacteria, enzymes and micronutrients to enhance the purification process and prevent the formation of odors and foams.

It degrades a wide variety of organic compounds: oils, fats, starches, proteins, soaps, etc ...

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Neusol OT is used in compact treatment plants with forced aeration in: Restaurants / hotels, residences, campsites, coffee shops, industries, slaughterhouses, etc ...

It degrades organic matter by reducing BOD / COD and TSS, Ideal for waters with high concentrations of oils and fats, Improves effluent quality, Reduces sludge production, Reduces the formation of bad odors, Facilitates the start-up of the treatment plant .

Very concentrated product. Easy to apply Economic.

It is recommended to apply the product in those moments when the entrance of water to the treatment plant will be minimal for a few hours. E.g. at the end of the workday or at night.

Place the corresponding dose with warm water (shower) and stir. Let stand for 15-20 minutes and pour into the kitchen sink or point farthest from the treatment plant. In this way we will keep the pipe clean avoiding clogging.

It is sold in 1lbs containers (approx 500grs) with 25 ml measuring spoon

Note: Do not apply the product either immediately before or after pouring cleaning products / disinfectants into the network.

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