Neusol Dry LS 5lts

Neusol Dry LS 5lts


For Dry Vapor equipment Neusol DV.

Highly effective. Low evaporation rate (minimum consumption). Wide spectrum of action.

It is applied in waste management, municipal treatment plants, pumping, etc.


Neusol Dry LS product based on natural extracts and synthetic products with a broad spectrum of action to neutralize odors in different areas: waste management, municipal - industrial treatment plants, settling rafts, ...

Bad smells are neutralized by different routes:

- Construction: reaction of an odorous gas with another without smell to form a third without smell.

- Combination of odors: similar to the previous one but the result has a pleasant smell rather than an absence of odors.

- Interferences (counteraction): it consists of adding an odorous substance that neutralizes the annoying.

- Adsorption and Absorption: it consists of retaining the odorous molecules on the surface or inside.

- Chemical reaction: essential oils contain a wide variety of chemical substances, which allows them to initiate chemical neutralization / oxidation reactions with a wide variety of compounds.

One of the advantages of Dry Steam with respect to fogging systems is that when emitted to the atmosphere / environment at the molecular level, neutralization / reaction with the odorous molecules is facilitated.

Other advantages are that there is no need for water, mixing or dosing systems and that it can work even at negative temperatures and in areas with passage of people and machines.

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