Neusol DV  2 - 3kW
Neusol DV  2 - 3kW
Neusol DV  2 - 3kW
Neusol DV  2 - 3kW
Neusol DV  2 - 3kW
Neusol DV  2 - 3kW
Neusol DV  2 - 3kW

Neusol DV 2 - 3kW

Neusol DV 2-3kw. Dry steam equipment to neutralize odors in large areas: Landfills, composting, WWTPs, industries, ... It allows to form perimeter barriers of up to 400 m.

With Neusol Dry H product we minimize inconvenience to neighbors.


Neusol DV 2 - 3kW equipment is used in large areas with different emission sources such as landfills, composting, industries, ...

The equipment consists of a blower that introduces a stream of air into a tank in which the neutralizing product is deposited.

Agitation occurs within the tank that facilitates the "evaporation" of the product and it comes out through two hoses / pipes that perimeter the area of ​​interest.

The hoses are made holes (ø10mm) every certain distance (100-150cm) and it is through them through the neutralizing solution (air + product) that quickly mixes with the surrounding air and comes into contact with odors neutralizing them

The control panel can be very simple or as sophisticated as you want. From a simple switch for start / stop to a system controlled by wind vane and anemometer.

Advantages of Neusol DV equipment:

- Do not use water

- Can be used both indoors and outdoors

- Zero maintenance

- Minimum reagent consumption

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