Neusol DV  MLS
Neusol DV  MLS

Neusol DV MLS


Neusol DV MLS

Dry steam equipment for pumping stations or small areas.

To cover surfaces of about 30-70 m2.

The product Neusol Dry LS is applied


Neusol DV MLS equipment is used in pumping stations or small areas.

The equipment consists of a small blower that introduces a stream of air into a tank in which it is deposited in neutralizing product.

Agitation occurs within the tank that facilitates the "evaporation" of the product and this by a free outlet or distributed throughout the area with the help of hose.

The hoses are drilled (ø10mm) every certain distance (30 - 50cm) and it is through them that the neutralizing solution (air + product) comes out that quickly mixes with the surrounding air and comes into contact with odors neutralizing them

The control panels in these devices are usually simple switches or panels with the possibility of defining time bands and operating cycles.

Advantages of Neusol DV equipment:

- Do not use water

- Can be used both indoors and outdoors

- Zero maintenance

- Minimum reagent consumption.

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