Nebulización Hidráulica
Nebulización Hidráulica

Nebulización Hidráulica

Nebulization is a technology that has been used for several years to neutralize odors in landfills and composting.

We can use different products of the Neusol line according to application: Neusol MF, NH3, LX, OIL


The fogging systems have been very useful until the appearance of Dry Steam technology.

It consists essentially in projecting a neutralizing solution (water + product) into the atmosphere in the form of fine drops (<50 µ), which allows them to remain in suspension and can trap the odorous molecules to neutralize them.

High Pressure systems use pumps of about 70 -100 Bar and special nozzles with holes in the order of ø 0.1-0.2mm.

These systems are very sensitive to dusty areas since small dust spots can totally or partially obstruct the nozzle. They are systems that require constant maintenance.

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