Estanques, lagunas, acuarios

Neusol PSC 1lbs Neusol PSC 1lbs 2
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Estanques, lagunas, acuarios

Neusol PSC 1lbs

Product for Ponds It is a product developed to improve the quality of water in ponds, lagoons, etc ... Mixture of bacteria, enzymes and micronutrients that prevent the formation of algae, degrade organic matter (plant debris, feces, ..). In ponds and lagoons on golf courses, the visibility of water is improved and the formation of odors is reduced.
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Tratamiento Aguas

copy of Neusol Block

Neusol Block is a formulation, in solid format, of microorganisms with micro / macronutrients, enzymes and surface tension reducers in solid state specially designed for the degradation of organic matter. The solid dissolves gradually over 30 - 120 days, which facilitates continuous treatment without the need for dosing equipment or labor. This powerful...
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