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Neusol LX 5lts

Neusol LX 5lts

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Neusol LX, Odor Neutralizer for landfill-coimposting leachates and very odorous wastewater

It is diluted in water and sprayed or injected into the waters


VERY concentrated product designed specifically to treat very intense odors such as landfill leachate - composting, slurry rafts, sewage or solids


The better the contact between the neutralizing solution (NEUSOL LX + water) with the leachate / water, the better the result.

It can be applied by: spray on the surface, injection into the inflow, fog forming a perimeter barrier or by irrigation


The working dose must be determined in each specific case depending on: the intensity of the odors, proximity of neighbors, etc.


The product must be diluted in water to facilitate distribution on the substrate (liquid or solid). We can dilute it in the order of 1: 500 - 1000.

Trench / rafts:

Shock treatment: Spray the mixture all over the surface

Maintenance: Inject continuously or discontinuously (depending on the flow, intensity smells, etc.) in the pipe that discharges into the pit. The point of injection, the further away from the pit the better the contact.


Shock treatment: Inject at the furthest possible point of the emission point of odors, a dose of about 5 ppm of the flow dissolved in water 1: 500/1000

Maintenance: reduce the dose to 1 or 2 ppm

The indicated doses are approximate and should always be adapted to the specific application.

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