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Neusol PSC
Neusol PSC

Neusol PSC

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Product for fish farms and ponds

It is a product developed to improve the quality of water in fish farms, ponds, lagoons, etc ...

Mixture of bacteria, enzymes and micronutrients that prevent the formation of algae, degrade organic matter (plant debris, feces, ..).

In farms, productivity is improved, mortality is reduced and meat quality is improved.

In ponds and lagoons on golf courses, the visibility of water is improved and the formation of odors is reduced.


Neusol PSC is a powder product formulated for the treatment of water from fish farms.

It is a mixture of aerobic / facultative bacteria, enzymes, micronutrients and surface tension reducers.


- Degrades Fats, oils, starches, Proteins, celluloses, etc.

- Does it improve the water quality. Reduces BOD, COD and TSS.

- Reduces bad odors and sludge production

- Reduces the formation of algae

- Degrades high concentrations of organic matter

- Increase fish production. It reduces mortality.

- Improves the natural flavor

Instructions for use:

In Fish Farms:

The dose depends on each specific case (fish density, size, recirculation, ...) As a reference, 200 gr per 10,000 m3 of water entering the plant can be taken.

Ideally, grow the bacteria in an external tank and let it mix with the flow of clean water that enters the pool.

It is a product that should be used for maintenance after an initial treatment.

In Lagoons / ponds:

Dose: the doses depend on each specific case. As a reference we can consider:

 Initial Capacity (1) Maintenance (2)

Up to 500 m3 100 grs. 50 grams

  500 - 1500 200 grs. 100 grams

1500 - 5000 400 grs. 200 grams

 > 5000 500 grs. 250 grams

(1) Daily treatment for 15 days

(2) Weekly dosage

These dosages are indicative and are considered for “dirty” waters with a COD> 300, in each case we must consider some factors.

It is important to follow the initial dosages as commented. Maintenance can be 50-60% of the initial treatment

Examples: a) a pond with a capacity of about 800 m3 and a "clean" water (fish are seen with some sharpness). We perform the initial treatment with: 200 grs / day and maintenance 100 grs / week (50%).

 b) pond with a capacity of 1500 m3 and the water looks “very dirty”, Initial: 400 grs / day and maintenance 60% weekly. (240 / 250gr)

Treatment: Dilute the appropriate amount of product in 5-10 liters of water from the same pond and let stand for 20-30 min. Then apply in waterfalls, fountains, jumps or scatter on the surface.

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