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Neusol OL - WE

Neusol OL - WE

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Neusol OL, is a complex mixture of plant essences and gelling agents with the ability to neutralize a wide variety of bad odors based on Sulfur, Nitrogen and VOCs.

Ideal to eliminate odors in those areas that do not have electric power or it is not possible to perform installations: boxes, embornales, rafts of leachates / slurries,….


Neusol OL - WE, When using the product outdoors we must take into account the weather factors (rain / snow / wind).

As the product is consumed, it loses weight, which makes it easier for the wind to dump it, move it ...

The manufacturer's solution has been to add a triple function to the bottom of the sand container:

a) counterweight to prevent the wind from carrying / dump the container,

b) retain liquefied active ingredient of the gel and

c) facilitate that rainwater can be evacuated.

When we place the container outdoors we must practice 3-4 side holes in the middle of the container to facilitate the evacuation of rainwater.

When the product dries completely we remove it and we can fill the container with bulk product


- In embornales: Lift the fence and place the container open. Practice side holes.

- In boxes: remove the lid and hang 40-50 cm from the surface.

- In pumping: place near the vanishing points of odors.

- In WWTPs Place as close as possible to the emitting bulb (decanter, reactor, pretreatment, etc ...). If the area is wide place several boats forming a barrier.

- In other exteriors (landfills, composting, ...) form a barrier with boats between the focus and the direction in which the neighbors are.

Distance the boats 1-1.5 mt from each other.


-Does not require water or electricity.

-It can be placed anywhere: indoor / outdoor.

-Easy to use and relocate.

-Safe and biodegradable

-Without maintenance.


-Long duration (6-10 weeks boat of 1 L).


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