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copy of Neusol FOG
copy of Neusol FOG

copy of Neusol FOG

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Neusol FOG, Product for wastewater with high concentrations of Oils and Fats: Dairy, Slaughterhouses, Canning, ...

Formulation of microorganisms with micro / macronutrients, enzymes and surface tension reducers for use in the degradation of different types of organic matter.


Neusol FOG is used in: Dairy, Slaughterhouses, Food Ind., Etc ...

Advantages: Facilitates the reduction of BOD / COD and TSS, Degrades Fats, oils, starches, animal fats, Proteins, Triglycerides, surfactants, soaps, etc., Reduces sludge production, Reduces bad odors at the source, Degrades high concentrations of organic matter, facilitates the start-up of the treatment plant

The dose depends on each case.

It is sold in packs of 25 water-soluble bags of 1 lbs.

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