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copy of Neusol Block
copy of Neusol Block

copy of Neusol Block

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Neusol Block is a formulation, in solid format, of microorganisms with micro / macronutrients, enzymes and surface tension reducers in solid state specially designed for the degradation of organic matter.

The solid dissolves gradually over 30 - 120 days, which facilitates continuous treatment without the need for dosing equipment or labor.

This powerful combination of millions of aerobic and facultative bacteria degrades a wide variety of compounds: fats, oils, starches, proteins, triglycerides, foams, surfactants, detergents, hydrocarbons, etc.

  • 2 lbs (aprox 1kgs)
  • 10 lbs (aprox 5 kgs)


Neusol Block is used in: Municipal Pumping Stations, homogenization rafts, septic tanks, grease separators, oil containers, rivers, lakes, torrents, sewage pipes

Advantages: Easy to use, Facilitates treatment throughout 24 hours, Does not need daily maintenance, Reduces the production of H2S and sludge, Reduces odors, Maintains clean pipes, Degrades oils and fats, Reduces BOD / COD and TSS

Place Neusol Block in the well / pipe so that it is always covered. The duration of the Block depends on the flows, speeds, temperature, etc.

It is sold in units of 10 lbs (approx. 5 kg).

In combination with Neusol SWG / FOG in the networks it reduces the formation of odorous gases while reducing the dBO that enters the plant.

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